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Jan 27

Fairhope has a reputation for having a high cost of living, and yet our new listing at 9620 Twin Beech Road is a prime example that affordable Fairhiope AL homes are still available.  When buying a home on a budget, it is super important to make sure... Read More »

Jan 13

When you’ve lived in it for a long time, getting a home ready to sell can seem daunting. If you are considering selling your home this year, make it your New Year’s resolution to get started early. That way, whether you decide to sell or... Read More »

Jan 3

Although the federal government has offered homebuyer programs in the past, for Tax Year 2015, most of the available home buyer programs will be at the local and state levels. State and local agencies, along with lenders and non-profit organizations often... Read More »

Dec 23

Most of us rejoice when the prices at the pump go down. To use that means freed-up cash in our personal economy. When we’re consider buying or selling a home, however, the price at the pump can impact our bottom line in ways we don’t realize. Local... Read More »

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