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Oct 7

New Bay Minette real estate listings are entering the marketplace on a consistent basis, yet we at the Jason Will Real Estate Team feel fortunate to represent one of greatest values for active North Baldwin County homebuyers.  Our new new listing at... Read More »

Oct 7

A common question sellers ask is “What can I do to get the maximum selling price on my home?” Since each home and every market is different, we, as your real estate professionals, can give you specific advice on your home. In general, however,... Read More »

Sep 30

Listings that offer a well rounded lifestyle excite us here at the Jason Will Real Estate Team marketing department.  I especially have a weakness for waterfront properties.  So, when you combine waterfront with the benefits of custom home quality... Read More »

Sep 30

When preparing to sell their home, a common question pops up. Homeowners want to know what they can do to get the maximum selling price on their home. Of course, the answer to “What can I do to increase my home’s value or get a better selling... Read More »

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